Power Tower Challenger
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Multi Grip Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar
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Pulley Pod Folding- Wall Mounted
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Pulley Pod Regular

Pulley Pod Regular
Pulley Pod Regular Pulley Pod Regular Pulley Pod Regular
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Great product for a serious upper body workout. Perform a series of workouts with four special accessories. Lat bar for shoulders and back, short bar for chest and triceps,V bar for triceps,shoulders and back and strap handle for chest and shoulder workouts. These four accessories will stimulate various muscle groups from various angles thus providing a more complete workout experience. The prodcut has two heavy duty double bearing pulleys and a strong 6mm steel rope. Weight plates are loaded on the suspended carriage and can be changed with ease. Please note- weight plates are not part of the offer. The pulley pod is wall mounted using two wall anchors that are suppiled with the product.


  • Wall mounted lat pulley
  • 20 plus workouts
  • long bar
  • short bar
  • V tricep bar
  • strap haddle
  • chain
  • Supports upto 50 Kgs weight
General Pod length from wall = 20 inches. Heavy duty double bearing pulleys, 6mm coated steel cable. Strong steel construction, epoxy powder coating finish. Four wall anchor bolts provided for installation. Installation chart and spanner provided.

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