Pull Up Bars

Magichomegym offers pull up bar gym machine equipments online at best price. We have pull up bar, wall mounted pull up bar, free standing pull up bar, power tower, dips station and suspension trainer. In addition to these we are offering bench press work out gym equipments, gym accessories and gym equipments for home. Contact us for more gym and fitness equipments online.

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Multi Grip Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar
The multi Grip Pull Up Bar from Home Gym Dynamics is designed to provide a serious upper body wor..
Rs 5,900.00 Rs 4,700.00
Incl Tax: Rs 4,700.00
The Pull Up Bar + top pulley with the unique anti swing mechanism is a very effective piece of up..
Rs 6,400.00 Rs 4,100.00
Incl Tax: Rs 4,100.00
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall mounted Pull Bar Consists of two wall mounts that are secured to the wall using 4 wall ancho..
Rs 3,500.00 Rs 2,400.00
Incl Tax: Rs 2,400.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted – Biomechanical Safe Design – Heavy Duty Model
Biomechanical safe design- long bar bent at 14 degrees and parallel grips bent at 5 degrees t..
Rs 2,900.00 Rs 2,500.00
Incl Tax: Rs 2,500.00
Pull Up Bar with Top Pulley
Combination of Pull Up Bar and top Pulley. Attach plates or dumbbell to the cable for top pul..
Rs 5,670.00 Rs 3,700.00
Incl Tax: Rs 3,700.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Pull Up Bar With Ab Straps
Heavy duty, biomechanically correct design pull up bar. Long bar bent at 14 degrees and paral..
Rs 5,250.00 Rs 3,250.00
Incl Tax: Rs 3,250.00
Pull Up Bar With Ab Straps & Top Pulley
Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar With Top Pulley And Ab Straps This is a revolutionary product from Hom..
Rs 6,450.00 Rs 4,600.00
Incl Tax: Rs 4,600.00
 Pull Up Bar With Suspension Trainer
The original wall mounted Pull Up Bar  is a very rugged and heavy duty gadget for a serious ..
Rs 12,700.00 Rs 5,500.00
Incl Tax: Rs 5,500.00
Power Tower Home Gym
The Power Tower is a great full body workout system. The tower has a free standing pull up bar, p..
Rs 15,500.00 Rs 14,300.00
Incl Tax: Rs 14,300.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Power Tower with Bench Press
This is a full body workout system that uses natural body weight for resistance. This system has ..
Rs 18,500.00 Rs 16,500.00
Incl Tax: Rs 16,500.00
Pull Up Bar With Pulley Core Trainer
The Pull Up Bar With Pulley Core Trainer is a unique combination of a serious upper body workout ..
Rs 12,900.00 Rs 5,800.00
Incl Tax: Rs 5,800.00
Suspension Trainer
The Heavy Duty Suspension trainer from Home Gym Dynamics is designed to provide a full body worko..
Rs 4,500.00 Rs 3,600.00
Incl Tax: Rs 3,600.00
Pulley Core Trainer
The Pulley Core trainer provides a full body workout, improves balance and tones muscles. The Cor..
Rs 5,900.00 Rs 3,900.00
Incl Tax: Rs 3,900.00

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